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Lakeland Glass Partition – whatever the weather…

Multi-utility slide and turn glass partition – all glass elements for balconies and loggias.

Lakeland Glass Partitions have many suitable solutions for anyone wishing to use their balcony whatever the weather. The multi- utility slide and turn partition is the ideal solution for balconies and loggias.

Glass Partition

Features and benefits of the Lakeland Glass Partition…

Simply slide open

Simply slide open and swing neatly out of the way

The multi-utility slide and turn partition runs on only one narrow guide rail and therefore is suitable for the majority of existing balcony balustrades. The glass panes are simply pushed to the side or round the corner and turned into the parking position to save space.

Slide them round the corner

Slide them round the corner – and open up the entire front

The glass panes of the multi-utility slide and turn partition can be completely guided round the corners. Opening direction to the right, to the left or in both directions, as you wish.


Retrofittable – ideal for existing balconies and loggias

The multi-utility slide and turn partition is a so-called “hanging - system” and therefore does not put any stress on the balcony balustrade. Especially suitable for retrofi tting existing balconies and loggias.

Ideal balcony glazing

Ideal balcony glazing – for a fantastic open air feeling

With the multi-utility slide and turn partition, the panes are guided to the wall and turned into the parking position. The glass front is opened completely, for the perfect open-air feeling. What’s more, the outside panes can easily be reached in this position, making them easy to clean.

Glass Partition - Room with a sea view

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