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An overview of Roof Shapes

Roof shapes in abundance – and just the way you need them.

Lakeland Glass Verandas and Houses blend in to the shape and look of your house – even on protruding walls and corner solutions. Your Lakeland distributor will gladly advise you on the right roof shape to suit your needs.

Glass House

Contact your Lakeland distributor for advice on 03300 990152!

Most roof models and types can be readily combined with Lakeland glazing elements: we will gladly provide you with details of other customised shapes on request (not all vertical glazing elements and versions are available with special shapes, however).

Roof models

Roof Model 1

Veranda Originale

Roof Model 2

Veranda Extra with roof overhang and pre-fitted guttering

Roof Model 3

Veranda Plus with roof overhang and integrated guttering

Roof types for Lakeland Verandas and Lakeland Glass Houses

Roof Model Type A

Pent roof – Type A

Roof Model Type B

Sloping pent roof – Type B

Roof Model Type C

Trapezium-shaped roof sloping to eaves – Type C

Roof Model Type D

Trapezium-shaped roof sloping to ridge – Type C

Roof Model Type E

Pent roof with wall off set

Roof Model Type F

Pent roof with roof guttering off set

Roof Model Type G

Pent roof with balcony cutout

Roof Model Type H

Hipped pent roof

Roof Model Type I

Pent roof, hipped and sloping forwards

Roof Model Type L

Gable roof – Type L

Roof Model Type N

Circumferential pent roof – Type N

Matching side glazing – tailored to your needs and wishes

Side Glazing Option 1

Maximum transparency

SUPER LITE side element Adding fixed glazing below the Veranda side roof support opens up the possibility to include fully-transparent front panels – with not a single vertical or horizontal strut in sight.

Side Glazing Option 2

Complements the folding partition and sliding wall

LITE side elementLightweight fixed glazing at the top of the trapezium, with a weinor easy-glide sliding wall below, or a multi-function folding partition – if you go this way, you’ll be choosing a very popular combination!

Side Glazing Option 3

As stable as they come

CLASSIC side element or go for sturdy fixed glazing at the top of the trapezium, with a multi-function sliding wall below – or even framed fixed glazing to hold off strong side winds if you prefer.

Glass House

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