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Commercial Applications

When joined together, patio roofs offer a great solution for bars and restaurants

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The Brustor patio roofs are extremely suitable for the food service industry, as the B200(XL) for instance can be mounted in the most various combinations. Single, fixed to the wall, built-in, coupled, in star- or L-shape. That way every large terrace surface can be provided with a customized roof. It is definitely the most versatile patio roof which is on the market today. Guests will certainly appreciate your terrace. Thanks to its many options the pergola can be completely personalized.

If there is too much wind, the screens can be closed; if it gets dark, you can use the atmospheric LED lighting and in colder weather the heater provides a pleasant radiant warmth. These are all details which will enable your guests to dine and enjoy longer, despite the weather conditions.

Furthermore, Brustor works exclusively with sustainable materials and sets the bar very high with respect to quality. You will undoubtedly find a solution which meets the needs from both yourself and your customers completely. Investing in a patio roof will therefore be a great added value for your business.

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