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At Home

Add value and aesthetics to your home.

Retractable patio awnings not only provide shade from the sun but also add a distinct look to your home’s exterior. With motorised awnings creating an unobstructed shaded area they are the ultimate in convenience, with classic simplicity and beauty.

With a Lakeland awning, your outdoor space becomes an extension of the indoors. Children can play safely with protection from the sun’s harmful rays, you can enjoy entertaining in a cool shaded area that will be the talk of the party or simply enjoy sitting back and having a relaxing moment or two to yourself while the world goes on around you.

Awnings at home

  • Bring the indoors outdoors
  • Provides a safe environment for children to play
  • Relax and enjoy the great outdoors
  • Stylish addition to any home
  • Sun protection at the touch of a button


Extend your reach with a Lakeland Awning.

The high street is packed with shops trying to grab the attention of busy shoppers. Make sure you stand out from the crowd with a Lakeland Awning. Available with a choice of high quality fabrics and with the option of custom printing and colours, we’re confident that you’ll find a Lakeland Awning which matches and enhances your brand. Our Grasmere and Windermere awnings are available with high performance PVC fabrics which are ideal for commercial use.

Not only does a Lakeland Awning provide an attractive fa├žade for your window display, you can also be safe in the knowledge that any products displayed will be protected from the sun. Fresh produce remains cool and looks enticing, fabrics can be placed into a window without fear of fading and with sun protection at your window, your premises is a more comfortable place to work and shop on the inside too.

For retailers lucky enough to have outdoor space a Lakeland Awning gives you a great opportunity to bring the indoors outdoors. Allowing customers to browse as they pass by gives you a unique opportunity to take advantage of impulse buys and means every passer by becomes a potential customer as they happily take in your products as they pass.

Retailer Choice

  • Show case your products
  • Make a statement with an awning promoting your business with our printed options
  • Allows for easy use of outdoor space
  • Protect window displays from the sun
  • Create a cool and comfortable ambience inside and out

Bars and restaurants

Create the perfect place to eat, drink and relax.

A shading solution from Lakeland Awnings can help you to create the perfect outside space. Built to last our range of awnings will enable you to turn unused outside areas into pleasant, profitable spaces. With a wide choice of fabrics and the opportunity for special printing with your company colours and logo you’ll be sure to find a solution for your outside area, whilst creating an eye catching advertising space.

Protect your customers from the sun and maximise the earnings potential of your premises by bringing your indoor offering outdoors. Not many people can resist the opportunity to let someone else look after them for a while as they relax and watch the world go by. Create the perfect ambience for enjoyment outside under a Lakeland Awning.

Make the outdoors your feature

From coffee at sunrise to cocktails at sunset extend the length of time you are able to make use of your outdoor space with a retractable awning. The possibilities for using the space are endless. Accessories such as lighting and heaters allow you to extend the time your outdoor space is used even further. Making use of extra space means creating those all important extra covers but without the outlay of a refurbishment and extra covers means extra profit. Not forgetting customers making a beeline for your premises to enjoy alfresco dining on those sunny days.

Hospitality Choice

  • Accessories and sensors to make the most of the weather
  • Lets customers enjoy eating and drinking alfresco
  • Extra covers
  • Opportunities from sunrise to sunset
  • Branded with your corporate colours and logo

Schools and Play Groups

Making outdoor play and learning safer on younger skin.

Turn outside areas into pleasant places to sit, play and learn with intelligent retractable awnings. Making the most of outdoor play and learning in a safe environment is second nature at Lakeland Awnings. Our tried and tested shading solutions have undergone numerous tests to ensure they offer maximum protection for younger skin.

A shading solution from Lakeland Awnings will create limitless opportunities for learning and play around the school grounds. The sun’s rays can be deceptive as even on overcast days UV rays can have harmful effects on the skin. Lakeland Awnings shading solutions will provide you with peace of mind that children’s skin is continually protected allowing you to concentrate on developing outdoor activities for learning and fun.

This sun awning technology is perfect to help protect the children in their outdoor play whatever the time of year and weather. The sun sensor is a particular advantage as it will adjust the retractable awning offering protection from the summer sun. Alternatively on a cold winters day there is the heating element of this package that will keep the children warm under the awning.

Education Choice

  • Encourage outdoor play
  • Protect young skin from the harmful effects of the sun
  • A stylish and practical addition to the playground
  • Sun and wind sensors allow for automated shading at the touch of a button

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