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Options & Accessories

Choose from our range of accessories to make sure you get the most from your awning.

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Don’t let those cool, autumn evenings get in the way of enoying your awning at night:

Patio Heaters

It doesn’t matter if it’s on the chilly side – simply turn on the heater and make the most of the great outdoors.


Eat outside even when it gets dark… just use your remote to activate the awning lighting or the garden lighting.

Accesory Packages:

Ask about our accessory packages to make the most of your awning:

  • Lakeland Family: Robust and protective – a package perfect for family life.
  • Lakeland Deluxe: Ultimate style – Create the perfect place to entertain.
  • Lakeland Home: Protect soft furnishings and provide shade inside and out.

Sun & Wind Sensors

Sunis Sensor RTS The Sunis Sensor RTS is a solar powered autonomous sun sensor that automatically controls your Somfy RTS powered awning, providing automatic sun protection.

Soliris Sensor RTS The Soliris Sensor RTS is a mains powered sensor that extends or retracts your awning as the sun come out or goes in, with priority to retracting them when wind speeds exceed a preset value– preventing wind damage (such as the fabric ripping) in strong winds.

Somfy Wind Sensor The Eolis 3D WireFree Sensor battery powered wind sensor detects vibrations from high winds and automatically retracts your patio awning to protect the fabric, mechanism and your property, even in your absence.

Wireless Handsets

3 specially designed hand transmitters designed to let you control your awning and additional remote contorl accessories:

Telis Modulis 1 The Telis Patio RTS is a signle channel, battery powered remote that allows you to control both your awning and associated solar functions of your sun accessories.

Telis Soliris RTS The Telis 1 RTS is a battery powered, single channel radio handset allowing you to control, raise, lower and stop your awning as well as saving your favourite position for one-button positioning.

Telis Soliris 4 The Telis Soliris 4 is a single channel radio handset with a sun sensor over-ride function. Raise, lower and stop functions, as well as the ‘my favourite position’ function.

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