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Use the interactive diagram below to learn more about the Lakeland Roller Garage Door with our 9-point guide.

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Original Thinking Lakeland Roller

Unique Webbing System

Lakeland features unique high performance webbing to firmly hold the slats in place.

This means:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Minimal wear and tear on the door
  • Significantly Quieter Operation

A webbed curtain offers a considerably stronger and more secure alternative to an ordinary endlocked door.

Design Innovation With You In Mind

Lakeland doors feature an extruded aluminium top slat which provides extra strength over ordinary doors. Lakeland’s cleverly designed locking mechanism also allows the curtains to finish slightly higher than competitor designs, providing a better seal against wintry weather at the top of the door.

Lakeland Connect

Lakeland Connect
Open your garage door using your smart phone

Lakeland Connect+
Open your garage door with a simple phone call

Proven Durability

Lakeland roller garage doors have been subjected to rigorous cyclic durability tests to ensure that they are durable and reliable.

Fully CE Marked

Lakeland are fully compliant with all European approach directives and product safety standards are CE marked to demonstrate their compliance with the construction products regulation.

Lakeland doors have been independently wind load tested to a minimum of Class 2 – equivalent to 59 mph storm force winds. Larger Lakeland doors are fitted with a reliable anti-fallback device to protect you and your family against uncontrolled or unbalanced movement in the event of a component failure. The products declaration of performance is available on request either in digital or printed format.

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