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Options and Accessories

Enhance your sectional garage door with our range of additional accessories.


Glazing for garage doors provide natural light and saves energy. They also contribute to the aesthetics of the door.

Windows are available in Trend doors, to suit any panel design you choose.

  • S-ribbed panels
  • M-ribbed panels
  • L-ribbed panels
  • Georgian panels

Frame and decorative inserts

Cross and Sunrise:

Colour of external frame and inserts:
White and Brown

If a coloured door is ordered the window surround and inserts are finished to the same colour as the door.

Classical Rectanguler Window

Classical Rectangular Window

Decorative Glazing Cross

Decorative Glazing Cross

Decorative Glazing Sunrise

Decorative Glazing Sunrise

Classical Round Window

Classical Round Window

Classical Square Window

Classical Square Window

External release for electric door

External release for electric doors

Where there is no other access into the garage, we offer an external manual release to allow the door to be opened in the event of a power failure.


For manually operated doors, you can choose a colour coordinated high security locking device. Key operated from the outside, your lock can be positioned in either the middle, left or right hand side of the door.

Stainless Steel Windows

A choice of round or square windows with stainless steel frames are available for the contemporary design.

Round and square steel windows

In-between brickwork installation

Unlimited options for mounting garage doors.

Set for reveal fit:

  • Set of side and top decorative profiles
  • Set of brackets for fixing the track system to the wall

Reveal fit is used for the following doors:

  • Trend with tension springs
  • Trend with low headroom, rear spring kit

Opening parameters:


  • Sideroom from 0 to 100 mm Headroom above door from 0 to 145 mm
Reveal fit

Special option “Reveal fit” is offered for installation of sectional doors in non- standard openings of the “tunnel” type, openings without top headroom or side room. Reveal fit is often used when replacing old up and over doors with sectional ones. Additional work to reconstruct the opening is not required.

Advantages of Lakeland Sectional Garage Doors

Download our sectional garage doors overview.


Things to highlight

Insulated Panels

Our insulated panels are manufactured and finished to the highest quality standards in order to achieve maximum durability. The panel design features a high density, CFC-free polyurethane core that is sandwiched between two steel sheets in the finish of your choice, and then coated in one of our extensive range of colours and finishes.

What’s more, our panels are filled with an environmentally friendly, fire safe insulating core.


All of our sectional doors are made-to-measure right here in the UK. Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf size, choose a sectional door from Lakeland and get the perfect fit.

Quick Turnaround

Unlike some other manufacturers, our range of Sectional Garage Doors are made-to-measure in the UK and can be manufactured and installed within a matter of weeks.

Panel Performance

Our standard finishes feature superior performance against corrosion and weathering. The surfaces are easy to clean with water and natural soap, and the hard-wearing PVC film coating provides superior resistance to UV, reducing the risk of colour fading over time.

Options for the installation of side profiles

Side front mount
Mounting in front of the opening

Helps to cover any brickwork imperfections

Side between mount
Mounting in between the opening

Ideal where there is no sideroom

Side behind mount
Mounting behind the opening

Ideal where there is limited side room

Variants of top decorative profiles installation

Top front mount

Mounting in front of the opening

Top between mount

Mounting in between the opening

Top behind mount

Mounting behind the opening

Ideal where there is limited side room

The figure shows the reveal fit of Classic Series garage doors.
Width of side profile is 107 mm. Top profile is either 107 mm or 145 mm to suit the application.

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